Fee: $115.00

Upon completing the Fire Fighter I & II program, students will be given the opportunity to register for the Flashover Course. Flashover is the stage of a fire at which all surfaces and objects are heated to their ignition temperature and flame breaks out almost at once over the entire surface area. This course will teach you to develop a working definition of a flashover, understand the 3 phases of flashover development, identify the 5 signs of a impending flashover, identify factors which can influence the development of a flashover, associated tactics such as PPV and VES and give you the understanding of the benefits and limitations of our structural fire fighting gear.

Firefighters seldom have the opportunity to observe a fire as it goes through its live cycle and this course will provide all of this information and more. This course takes 8 hours to complete and is given in 1 day. This course registration fee is $115.00* for Florida Residents. Course registration fees are higher for out-of-state students.